“Back in Black” AC/DC Ukulele CHORDS

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"Back in Black" Chords

“Back in Black” is the seventh studio album by the Australian rock band AC/DC, released on July 25, 1980. It is one of the band’s most successful albums and is considered a classic in the hard rock genre.

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Did AC/DC use ukulele in any of their songs?

No, AC/DC is primarily known for their use of electric guitars, bass, drums, and vocals in their music.

The ukulele is not a typical instrument associated with AC/DC’s style or genre, which is characterized by hard rock and heavy metal.

"Back in Black" AC/DC Ukulele CHORDS

While AC/DC has experimented with different sounds and instruments in some of their songs, the ukulele is not a prominent or commonly used instrument in their music catalog. T

heir signature sound is more focused on powerful guitar riffs and energetic performances.

“Back in Black” Song Facts

  1. Tribute to Bon Scott: “Back in Black” was written as a tribute to AC/DC’s former lead vocalist, Bon Scott, who tragically passed away in 1980. The song serves as a celebration of his life and the band’s determination to continue making music.
  2. Opening Bell: The iconic tolling bell sound heard at the beginning of the song is one of its most recognizable elements. It was recorded at the start of a rehearsal session in London, and the sound engineer, Tony Platt, suggested using it as an intro. The bell was a large iron bell found at a nearby foundry.
  3. Signature Guitar Riff: The song’s distinctive guitar riff, played by Angus Young, is instantly recognizable and has become one of the most memorable riffs in rock history. It is often cited as one of the greatest guitar riffs of all time.
  4. Lyric Inspiration: The lyrics of “Back in Black” were written by AC/DC’s lead guitarist, Angus Young, and rhythm guitarist, Malcolm Young, with input from lead vocalist Brian Johnson. The song’s lyrics express a resilient and defiant attitude, embodying the spirit of AC/DC’s music.
  5. Chart Success: “Back in Black” was released as the album’s lead single and became a significant commercial success for AC/DC. While it did not achieve chart-topping success on the Billboard Hot 100, it reached No. 37 on the chart. However, the song has since become one of AC/DC’s most popular and enduring hits.
  6. Album Title Inspiration: The song’s title, “Back in Black,” also became the title of AC/DC’s entire album. It was a reference to the band’s return after Bon Scott’s death, symbolizing a new era for the group with Brian Johnson as their new lead vocalist.
  7. Cultural Influence: “Back in Black” has had a significant impact on popular culture. The song has been featured in numerous films, TV shows, and commercials, further cementing its status as a rock anthem. Its powerful and energetic sound continues to resonate with rock fans worldwide.
  8. Enduring Legacy: “Back in Black” remains one of AC/DC’s most beloved and well-known songs. It is often performed as a crowd favorite during their live concerts and is considered a cornerstone of their discography. The song’s enduring popularity has solidified its place in rock music history.
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"Back in Black" AC/DC Ukulele CHORDS

In the realm of rock ‘n’ roll, where legends arise,
There’s a song that captivates, with its thunderous cries.
“Back in Black,” they call it, a powerhouse of sound,
But let’s imagine a twist, where a ukulele is found.

In this poetic tale, let’s blend two worlds apart,
AC/DC’s anthem with the ukulele’s gentle art.
Strumming those nylon strings, in a different key,
Breathing new life, a fusion of harmony.

The ukulele’s delicate voice starts the show,
Plucking chords with grace, in a rhythmic flow.
As the melody unfolds, soft and sweet,
Whispers of nostalgia, in each strum’s heartbeat.

But soon, the chorus erupts, like a lightning strike,
The ukulele roars, breaking barriers overnight.
Its gentle plucks transform to powerful strums,
With the spirit of rock, it triumphantly hums.

Back in black, the ukulele roars with might,
Adding a unique twist to the electrifying sight.
Its cheerful demeanor blends with AC/DC’s might,
Creating a symphony that ignites the night.

A union of opposites, in perfect harmony,
The ukulele dances with rock ‘n’ roll’s decree.
Two worlds intertwine, creating something rare,
A poetic fusion, beyond compare.

So, let the ukulele shine in “Back in Black’s” embrace,
A poetic juxtaposition, a musical chase.
In this whimsical realm, where dreams are set free,
The ukulele and AC/DC, an extraordinary symphony.

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