“CREEP” Ukulele CHORDS Radiohead

"CREEP" Ukulele CHORDS Radiohead

“Creep” is a song by the British rock band Radiohead.

It was released as their debut single in 1992 and later included on their debut studio album, “Pablo Honey,” which was released in 1993.

The song was written by the members of Radiohead, including lead vocalist Thom Yorke.

Chords Used are in Standard C Tuning (GCEA)

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Poem about the Ukulele Radiohead’s “Creep”

In a world of melodies that weave and twine,
There’s a song that resonates deep, sublime.
With strings of a ukulele, delicate and sweet,
And haunting lyrics that touch hearts, replete.

Oh, Radiohead’s “Creep,” a timeless creation,
A musical masterpiece, an anthem of isolation.
The ukulele strums, soft and gentle,
As emotions unravel, vulnerabilities mental.

From the first chord struck, a captivating spell,
Thom Yorke’s voice whispers, a soulful well.
“Creep,” they call it, a name that lingers,
Embracing the outcast, the dreamers and singers.

"CREEP" Ukulele CHORDS Radiohead

As the ukulele plucks its whimsical tune,
A symphony of longing, a melancholic croon.
The strings dance freely, like whispers in the breeze,
Accompanying Yorke’s words, carried on harmonies.

“Creep” speaks of unrequited love’s despair,
Aching hearts yearning, feeling stripped and bare.
The ukulele’s gentle strumming echoes the plea,
A tender companion to the soul’s soliloquy.

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Strum by strum, verse by verse, it unfolds,
The ukulele’s presence, a story untold.
Its humble stature, resonating immense,
Capturing emotions, raw and intense.

And as the chorus swells, a cathartic release,
The ukulele’s sweetness brings momentary peace.
With every note played, a connection is found,
In the depths of emotions, where love knows no bound.

Oh, Radiohead’s “Creep,” a masterpiece so true,
With the ukulele’s touch, it becomes something new.
An anthem of vulnerability, a song that will keep,
Forever entwined, the Creep and the ukulele’s deep.

Has Radiohead utilized the uke in any of their music?

Yes, Radiohead has occasionally incorporated the ukulele into their music.

While they are primarily known for their alternative rock sound, the band has experimented with various instruments and musical styles throughout their career.

The ukulele has made appearances in some of their songs, adding a unique texture to the music. One notable example is the song “House of Cards” from their 2007 album “In Rainbows,” where a ukulele can be heard prominently in the arrangement.

However, the ukulele is not a core instrument in Radiohead’s music and is used selectively in certain songs.

About the Song

“Creep” gained significant attention and popularity, particularly after its re-release in 1993. It features a quiet and melodic verse that builds up to a powerful and explosive chorus.

The lyrics of the song express feelings of self-doubt, alienation, and being an outcast. Many listeners resonated with the emotional vulnerability conveyed in the lyrics.

“Creep” became a breakthrough hit for Radiohead, propelling them into mainstream success. The song charted well in several countries and reached the top 10 in the United Kingdom.

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Despite its initial success, Radiohead developed a complex relationship with “Creep” over time. The band felt it did not represent their evolving sound and resisted playing it live for several years.

However, they eventually embraced it again and have included it in their live performances since the late 2000s.

“Creep” remains one of Radiohead’s most recognizable and enduring songs.

Its impact on the alternative rock scene of the 1990s cannot be overstated, and it continues to be beloved by fans and appreciated for its raw emotions and musical intensity.

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