“One” Metallica Ukulele CHORDS

"One" Metallica Ukulele CHORDS

“One” is a song by the American heavy metal band Metallica. It was released as the third single from their fourth studio album, “…And Justice for All,” which came out in 1988.

The song addresses the horrors of war and its effects on soldiers.

It was inspired by the anti-war novel “Johnny Got His Gun” by Dalton Trumbo.

The book tells the story of a World War I soldier who becomes severely disabled and loses his limbs, face, and ability to communicate.

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Strumming Pattern

The strumming pattern for “One” by Metallica can be a bit challenging due to its fast pace and complex rhythm. The song’s main riff is palm-muted and played with downstrokes. The strumming pattern for the main riff can be described as follows:

Downstroke (palm-muted) – Downstroke (palm-muted) – Downstroke (palm-muted) – Downstroke (palm-muted)

This pattern is repeated throughout most of the song during the main riff sections. Remember to keep a steady tempo and try to mimic the powerful and aggressive strumming style that Metallica is known for.

As for the verses and other parts of the song, the strumming pattern can vary slightly, especially during the chorus and bridge sections. You can use downstrokes for a heavy and aggressive feel, or you can incorporate some upstrokes to add variation and dynamics.

Official Music Video

Song Facts

“One” is known for its powerful and emotional lyrics, as well as its iconic music video, which was directed by Michael Salomon. The video incorporates scenes from the 1971 movie adaptation of “Johnny Got His Gun,” further emphasizing the anti-war message.

The song has become one of Metallica’s most popular and enduring tracks, receiving widespread acclaim from fans and critics alike. It remains a staple in their live performances and is often considered one of the band’s signature songs.

Here are some interesting facts about the song:

  1. Grammy Nomination: “One” received a nomination for Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance at the 1989 Grammy Awards. Metallica won the award in the following year for the song “Stone Cold Crazy.”
  2. First Music Video: The music video for “One” was the first-ever video released by Metallica. It premiered in January 1989 and quickly became a hit on MTV, helping the band gain mainstream recognition.
  3. Radio Edit: The original version of “One” runs for over seven minutes, but for radio airplay, a shortened version was created by cutting out the instrumental section of the song. This edit reduced the runtime to around four and a half minutes.
  4. Chart Success: “One” was a commercial success, peaking at number 35 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the United States. It also reached the top ten on the charts in other countries, including Finland and Ireland.
  5. First Album Without Cliff Burton: “…And Justice for All” was the first Metallica studio album to be recorded following the tragic death of bassist Cliff Burton. Jason Newsted, who joined the band in 1986 as Burton’s replacement, played bass on this album.
  6. Unique Instrumental Section: The instrumental section in the middle of the song, known for its melodic guitar solo and haunting melody, is often referred to as “The Machine Gun.” Guitarist Kirk Hammett’s solo during this part is considered one of his most memorable and iconic performances.
  7. Cover Versions: “One” has been covered by numerous artists over the years, ranging from other metal bands to artists from different genres. Some notable cover versions include those by Korn, Limp Bizkit, and U2.
  8. Inspiration from “Johnny Got His Gun”: The lyrics of “One” were heavily inspired by the novel “Johnny Got His Gun” by Dalton Trumbo, which explores the horrors of war and the experiences of a soldier who becomes severely wounded and disabled during World War I.
  9. Live Performances: “One” remains a staple in Metallica’s live performances and is often featured in their setlists during concerts and tours. The song’s powerful and emotional nature makes it a favorite among fans.
  10. Critical Acclaim: “One” has received widespread critical acclaim and is considered one of Metallica’s greatest songs. It is often praised for its powerful lyrics, memorable guitar work, and emotional impact.
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Text Version of Chords

[Intro 1]
Bm Gmaj7 Bm Gmaj7
Bm D/A Gmaj7 E5 F#5
[Solo 1]
Bm Gmaj7 Bm Gmaj7
Bm D/A Gmaj7 E5 F#5
[Intro 2]
Bm Gmaj7 Bm Gmaj7
Bm D/A Gmaj7 E5 F#5
G5 A5
D G F Em
[Verse 1]
Bm                 Gmaj7
  I can't remember anything
Bm                      Gmaj7
  Can't tell if this is true or dream
Bm                   D/A
  Deep down inside I feel to scream
Gmaj7                      E5    F#5
     This terrible silence stops me 
Bm                    Gmaj7
  Now that the war is through with me
Bm                 Gmaj7
  I'm waking up, I cannot see
Bm                      D/A
  That there's not much left of me
Gmaj7                    E5   F#5
     Nothing is real but pain now
G5   A5 B5     A5 G5 F#5  B5    A5 B5 C#5
Hold my breath as I  wish for death
B5 A5                D
Oh please, God, wake me
G F Em
[Verse 2]
Bm                      Gmaj7
  Back in the womb it's much too real
Bm                   Gmaj7
  In pumps life that I    must feel
Bm                       D/A
  But can't look forward to reveal
Gmaj7                      E5   F#5
     Look to the time when I'll live
Bm                          Gmaj7
  Fed through the tube that sticks in me
Bm                    Gmaj7
  Just like a wartime novelty
Bm                      D/A
  Tied to machines that make me be
Gmaj7                  E5   F#5
     Cut this life off from me 
G5   A5 B5     A5 G5 F#5  B5    A5 B5 C#5
Hold my breath as I  wish for death
B5 A5                D
Oh please, God, wake me
[Solo 2]
Em D G F
G5  A5  B5    A5 G5    F#5 B5     A5 B5 C#5
Now the world is gone, I'm just one 
B5 A5   B5   C#5 G5   A5 B5     A5 G5 F#5  B5    A5 B5 C#5 
Oh God, help me  Hold my breath as I  wish for death
A5         B5   C#5  G5 A5 B5 A5
Oh please, God, help me
G5 F#5 B5
[Interlude 1]
A5 G5 B5 C5
[Interlude 2]
E5 D B5 C5 E5
E5 F5 E5 F5
[Verse 3]
Imprisoning me
All that I see
Absolute horror
I cannot live
I cannot die
Trapped in myself
            F5  E5
Body my holding cell
Has taken my sight
Taken my speech
Taken my hearing
Taken my arms
Taken my legs
Taken my soul
                  F5 E5  F5 E5
Left me with life in hell
E5 F5 E5

Ukulele Chords for “One” by Metallica: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the ukulele chords for “One” by Metallica?
    • “One” by Metallica is originally written for electric guitar and may not translate directly to ukulele due to its heavy, distorted sound. However, you can try to adapt the song with simplified chords like C, G, Am, and F to capture the melody.
  2. Is it common to play heavy metal songs like “One” on the ukulele?
    • No, heavy metal songs are typically played on electric guitars due to their distinctive sound and intricate solos. Adapting them for ukulele can be challenging but creatively rewarding.
  3. What strumming pattern could work well for a ukulele rendition of “One”?
    • Since “One” is a heavy metal song, a simple downstrum pattern or fingerpicking technique may work best to capture the essence of the song on the ukulele.
  4. Who composed “One” by Metallica, and when was it first released?
    • “One” was composed by Metallica and released in 1988 as a part of their album “…And Justice for All.”
  5. Can “One” by Metallica be played in different keys on the ukulele?
    • It’s challenging to transpose a heavy metal song like “One” to different keys on the ukulele while retaining its original feel, but you can experiment with different chord voicings.
  6. What is the tempo and style of “One” by Metallica?
    • “One” is a heavy metal song known for its aggressive tempo, powerful guitar riffs, and intense drumming, which are difficult to replicate on the ukulele.
  7. Are there any alternative chord progressions or variations for “One” on the ukulele that capture the song’s essence?
    • Given the song’s complexity and heavy nature, it’s challenging to create alternative chord progressions that fully capture the essence of the original on the ukulele.
  8. Can “One” by Metallica be played with a capo on the ukulele?
    • A capo may not be useful for adapting “One” to the ukulele, as the song’s unique guitar techniques and solos are challenging to replicate on the instrument.
  9. What emotions and sentiments does “One” by Metallica evoke, and how can they be conveyed on the ukulele?
    • “One” evokes intense emotions, such as anger and despair, which may be challenging to convey on the ukulele, known for its lighter, more cheerful sound.
  10. Are there any resources or tutorials for attempting to play “One” by Metallica on the ukulele?
    • While there may be some tutorials and adaptations for ukulele, playing “One” by Metallica on the ukulele is not common due to its heavy metal nature.
  11. Is “One” by Metallica suitable for ukulele players of all skill levels, including beginners?
    • Adapting “One” for ukulele is extremely advanced and not recommended for beginners due to the song’s complexity.
  12. Can the intense guitar solo in “One” be played on the ukulele, or is it best omitted in a ukulele adaptation?
    • Recreating the intense guitar solo from “One” on the ukulele is extremely challenging and may not capture the original essence of the song.
  13. Is there any historical context or significance associated with “One” by Metallica in the band’s career?
    • “One” is considered one of Metallica’s iconic songs and marked a significant point in their career due to its groundbreaking music video and impactful lyrics.
  14. Can “One” on the ukulele be used in therapeutic or emotional healing music settings?
    • While ukulele music can be therapeutic, “One” may not be the best choice for such settings due to its heavy and intense nature.
  15. Are there any notable live performances or renditions of “One” by Metallica that stand out in their history?
    • Metallica’s live performances of “One” are known for their explosive energy and pyrotechnics, which are challenging to replicate on the ukulele.
  16. What is the role of the ukulele in capturing the essence of “One” by Metallica, given its distinct sound?
    • Adapting “One” for ukulele would focus more on capturing the essence of the lyrics and melody rather than replicating the original sound.
  17. Can “One” be adapted to different musical genres or styles on the ukulele while retaining its core melody?
    • Given the song’s heavy metal nature, adapting it to different genres on the ukulele may result in a significant departure from the original.
  18. What is the connection between the song’s lyrics and the intense musical composition in “One” by Metallica?
    • The lyrics of “One” tell a powerful story of a soldier’s trauma, which is deeply intertwined with the song’s aggressive musical composition.
  19. How can ukulele players maintain the intensity and emotional depth of “One” while adapting it for their instrument?
    • To maintain intensity, ukulele players can focus on capturing the essence of the lyrics and conveying the emotions through their vocal delivery.
  20. What role has “One” played in Metallica’s musical legacy, and how has it endured as a beloved song through the years?
    • “One” is considered a cornerstone of Metallica’s musical legacy, celebrated for its innovative music video and emotional depth, but adapting it for ukulele presents unique challenges.
  21. Can you recommend any ukulele adaptations or covers of “One” by Metallica that have successfully captured the essence of the song?
    • While ukulele adaptations of “One” are rare due to its heavy nature, you may find creative covers online that provide inspiration.
  22. What are some key challenges ukulele players may encounter when attempting to adapt a heavy metal song like “One” for their instrument?
    • Adapting heavy metal songs to the ukulele can be challenging due to the instrument’s limited range and softer timbre compared to electric guitars.
  23. Is it possible to replicate the iconic guitar riffs from “One” by Metallica on the ukulele, and if so, how challenging is it?
    • Replicating the guitar riffs from “One” on the ukulele is extremely challenging due to the ukulele’s limitations in replicating the song’s heavy distortion.
  24. What techniques can ukulele players use to create a ukulele version of “One” that retains some of the song’s intensity?
    • Ukulele players can experiment with percussive strumming and vocal delivery to convey some of the song’s intensity in their adaptation.
  25. Are there any famous ukulele players or artists who have attempted to adapt heavy metal songs like “One” for the ukulele?
    • While ukulele players occasionally experiment with unconventional adaptations, heavy metal songs are rarely attempted on the ukulele due to the genre’s unique characteristics.
  26. Can “One” by Metallica be played as a medley with other songs on the ukulele to create a unique performance?
    • Creating a medley with “One” on the ukulele may be possible, but it would require careful arrangement to blend with other songs seamlessly.
  27. How can ukulele players use dynamics and tempo changes to convey the emotional depth of “One” during their adaptation?
    • Varying strumming intensity and tempo changes can help convey some emotional depth in a ukulele adaptation of “One.”
  28. Is there any acoustic or unplugged version of “One” by Metallica that can serve as inspiration for ukulele players looking to adapt the song?
    • While there isn’t an official acoustic version, you can find covers and interpretations that may provide inspiration for ukulele adaptations.
  29. What role does vocal expression play in conveying the emotions and intensity of “One” when adapted for the ukulele?
    • Vocal expression becomes crucial in conveying the song’s emotions and intensity when adapting “One” on the ukulele, as the instrument itself has limitations.
  30. What advice would you give to ukulele players attempting to adapt “One” by Metallica, considering its challenging nature?
    • Ukulele players attempting to adapt “One” should focus on capturing the essence of the lyrics and emotions while simplifying the instrument’s approach to suit the song’s unique characteristics.
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"One" Metallica Ukulele CHORDS

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