“Smells Like Teen Spirit” Nirvana Ukulele CHORDS

"Smells Like Teen Spirit" Nirvana Ukulele CHORDS

“Smells Like Teen Spirit” is a famous song by the American rock band Nirvana. It was released as the lead single from their second studio album, “Nevermind,” in 1991.

The song was written by Kurt Cobain, the band’s lead vocalist and guitarist.

Chords Used are in Standard C Tuning (GCEA)

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Did Nirvana use Ukulele in their Songs?

No, Nirvana did not typically use a ukulele in their songs.

Their music was primarily characterized by distorted guitars, heavy drums, and raw vocals, representing the alternative rock and grunge sound of the early 1990s.

"Smells Like Teen Spirit" Nirvana Ukulele CHORDS

The band’s instrumentation generally revolved around guitars, bass, and drums, with occasional use of additional instruments such as acoustic guitars, cello, and accordion.

However, the ukulele was not a prominent instrument in their repertoire.

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“Smells Like Teen Spirit” Song Facts

Here are some interesting facts about the song “Smells Like Teen Spirit”:

  1. Title Inspiration: The song’s title was inspired by a popular deodorant called “Teen Spirit” that was used by Tobi Vail, drummer of the band Bikini Kill and a close friend of Kurt Cobain. Cobain saw the phrase written on a wall and thought it would make a great song title.
  2. Unpredictable Success: Nirvana and their record label didn’t anticipate “Smells Like Teen Spirit” to become a massive hit. In fact, they expected another song from the album, “Come as You Are,” to be the breakthrough single. However, “Teen Spirit” ended up becoming the band’s most recognizable and commercially successful song.
  3. Recording: The song was recorded in May 1991 at Sound City Studios in Van Nuys, California, with producer Butch Vig. Vig wanted to capture the energy and rawness of Nirvana’s live performances, resulting in the song’s powerful and dynamic sound.
  4. Chart Topping: “Smells Like Teen Spirit” topped the U.S. Billboard Alternative Songs chart for several weeks and reached number six on the Billboard Hot 100. It also achieved significant success internationally, charting high in countries around the world.
  5. Grammy Nominations: The song received two Grammy Award nominations in 1993. It was nominated for Best Rock Song, and Nirvana was nominated for Best Hard Rock Performance with Vocal. While it didn’t win in these categories, the song’s impact on popular music was widely recognized.
  6. Influence on Music: “Smells Like Teen Spirit” is often credited with changing the musical landscape of the early 1990s. Its success helped popularize alternative rock and grunge music, inspiring a new generation of musicians and bands. The song’s influence can still be heard in rock music today.
  7. Iconic Opening Chords: The distinctive opening chords of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” (E5-B5-G#5-A5) have become instantly recognizable to music fans worldwide. They are often played as an introductory riff during live performances, and many aspiring guitarists learn to play the song as one of their first rock songs.
  8. MTV Video Music Awards: The music video for “Smells Like Teen Spirit” won two MTV Video Music Awards in 1992. It received the awards for Best New Artist in a Video and Best Alternative Video, further solidifying Nirvana’s impact on the music industry.
  9. Legacy: “Smells Like Teen Spirit” remains one of the most iconic and influential songs in rock history. It continues to resonate with audiences and is often regarded as a symbol of youth rebellion and the grunge movement of the 1990s.
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"Smells Like Teen Spirit" Nirvana Ukulele CHORDS

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