1928 Clifford Essex and Sons Ukulele Catalog

Here’s an image of the ukulele offerings from the 1928 Clifford Essex and Sons musical instrument catalog:

1928 Clifford Essex and Sons Ukulele Catalog

The text reads:



The Ukulele provided a particularly appropriate background to the soft, rippling music of Hawaii. It is from this delightful instrument that the “BANJUKE” has been evolved. For accompanying modern rhythmic dance music it is ideal.

Acclaimed with real enthusiasm by Society, and played by H.R.H. The Prince of Wales, the “BANJUKE” is undoubtedly the instrument of to-day.

The “BANJUKE” possesses a fuller tone and a far greater carrying power than the Ukulele. It is built of the best materials and beautifully finished–a delightful musical instrument that can be mastered in a few hours.

These models are fitted with non-slipping pegs, are perfectly fretted and carefully constructed throughout. They are easy to learn, and all modern music is especially marked for these instruments.


Ordinary Model – – 4 guineas

De Luxe Model (Illustrated) – – 5 guineas

Complete with Case


The UKULELE provides an ideal instrument for accompanying the voice or Hawaiian Steel Guitar. There are also several solos written for this instrument.

This is one of the best models on the market, perfectly fretted, made of seasoned wood, carefully constructed, and fitted with non-slipping pegs.

Price – £4 4s. 0d.

Complete with Case

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